Why Join CASO

CASO Members Receive:

  • A strong consolidated voice representing your interests to the municipal, provincial and federal governments.
  • A productive liaison to other Ontario agencies and associations with shared or overlapping objectives.
  • An international industry marketing strategy that represents your interests... your way. In addition to building a strong CASO brand, further objectives are to create specific marketing opportunities for your company in the international marketplace.
  • The CASO website will be a clearing house for news and information critical to the success of your business in the current global economy. Including: industry statistics, relevant industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.
  • A members only services directory that will point to tools, data, services and links relevant to the needs of your business.
  • Networking opportunities with industry peers.
  • The support of a dedicated team on the CASO Staff, Executive and Board who are working to create policies and services that are customized to help you and your company succeed.

Annual Membership Fees

Full Membership:

Full members are ALL VFX/Animation Studios and Digital Media Studios. Membership fees are based on company size:

  • More than 50 artists: $3000 + HST per year
  • 11-50 artists: $2000 + HST per year
  • 2-10 artists: $1000 + HST per year

As a guideline, include "artist" positions that do billable work including freelancers, contract and full time employees. NOTE: use of CASO website for demo reel uploads applicable for individuals upon BoD approval. **All material are subject for approval

Associate Membership:

Associate members are affiliate associations, educational institutions, software and hardware companies providing products and services to the industry, as well as computer animation and visual effects companies that do not meet all the criteria for Full Membership.

Each associate member will be entitled to enjoy full member benefits and services but will not have voting rights.

  • Educational Institution: $750 + HST per year (non studio, non voting)
  • Associate: $1500 + HST per year (non studio, non voting)
(Before the Door Pictures / Lions Gate Entertainment)