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theskonkworks incorporated

Category: Animation

theskonkworks is a long form broadcast and feature film Service Producing/ Animation Production Company. Established in 2005, theskonkworks has produced over 1200 minutes of CGI, Flash and Toon Boom animation for industry leaders such as Disney Playhouse, Cookie Jar, Create Media Ventures, NFL, Nick, Nelvana, Codex Pictures and Curious Pictures.

theskonkworks has been an active development, animation production and animation service producing company for over 6 years now. Founded by industry veteran, Michael Carter, it has received accolades for being innovative, creative and most importantly, a recognized industry leader within the Ontario, Canadian and International markets. Small and highly flexible, theskonkworks business model is to adapt to the client needs, whether feature film or broadcast television in Flash, Traditional 2D, CGI or Stop Motion.


18 West Ave.,
Toronto, ON
M4M 2L8

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Michael Carter

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  • Thumbnail_thumbnail_dewitt "Will & Dewitt", Cookie Jar/Kids WB!
  • Thumbnail_thumbnail_imperial_fist_um "Ultramarines the Movie", Codex Pictures
  • Thumbnail_thumbnail_arthurtest "Arthur" Flash Test, Cookie Jar Entertainment
  • Thumbnail_thumbnail_jtsinjohn "Johhny Thunder", theskonkworks incorporated


  • "Gurkha" Feature Film "Gurkha" Feature Film
  • "Handy Manny", Disney Playhouse/Nelvana/Two Presidents Productions "Handy Manny", Disney Playhouse/Nelvana/Two Presidents Productions
  • Lego "Johnny Thunder" Feature Film Pitch Lego "Johnny Thunder" Feature Film Pitch
  • Kaj Pindal presents "The Wonderbirds" Kaj Pindal presents "The Wonderbirds"
  • Lego "Johnny Thunder" Feature Film Pitch Lego "Johnny Thunder" Feature Film Pitch