• Square_neishawali(1)
    Neishaw Ali
    Co-Chairs: Government Policies and Platform Committee
    President / Executive Producer, Spin VFX
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  • Square_img_5777
    Wes Lui
    Co-Chairs: Government Policies and Platform Committee
    CEO, House of Cool Inc.
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  • Square_image007
    Catherine Andrews
    Data/Research Committee
    Marketing Manager, Rocket Science VFX
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  • Square_eran_barel_profile_pic
    Eran Barel
    Membership and Communications Committee
    CEO, Snowball Studios
    1 (647) 715-9777
  • Square_screen_shot_2017-03-24_at_10.34.55_am
    Matt Bishop
    Professional Development Committee
    Partner/Producer, Sinking Ship
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  • Square_pete2015
    Pete Denomme
    By-laws and Governance Review Committee
    CEO/Executive Producer, Switch VFX
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  • Square_louise_jones
    Louise Jones
    Sponsorship Committee
    Director of Finance
    416 599 4878
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  • Square_len_picture
    Len Pendergast
    Research and Development
    VP of Global Incentives
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