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Shotgun 5.0 Sneak Peak - Artist and Supervisor Tools

Don Parker (Shotgun)
Shotgun's CEO Don Parker talks about how h... read all

Shotgun - Our Story


We are industry folk who love production.  A handful of us met while building pipeline tools for an animated feature film for Disney called The Wild.  When the show was completed, we decided to start over, focusing specifically on what people call "production tracking". Although ... read all

Shotgun - Project Timeline app

A brief overview of the Project Timeline app, which lets you quickly block out a high-level schedule for a project, then share the key dates with the rest of the studio.. Released as part of the Shotgun 4.2 release. Find more info at

Shotgun - Crew Planning 0.1

A brief overview of the Crew Planning app, which lets you book people to projects and see who's available. Released as part of the Shotgun 4.0 release. Find more info at

Announcing Tank, an Asset Management System from Shotgun Software

Tank is an asset management system for VFX and Animation studios, built on the Shotgun platform and featuring "apps" for pipeline customization. Now in private beta. Learn more at

A Tour of Shotgun

Shotgun is a production management and application platform for VFX and Animation studios. It helps studios track, schedule, and iterate on their work fast and efficiently. Learn more at

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